Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Obligatory Xmas List For Nerds & Busted Pipe.

We’re having a snowpocalypse here in the Willamette valley, so I haven’t been doing much beyond keeping warm and bypassing frozen pipes…it was down to –7F at one point making it colder than Ukraine.

Busted pipe…sediment/iron seems to settle when the water is slow & cold which is why it looks like root beer.

A female/female hose adapter I whipped up…hooked to the internal hose bib happily installed above the shutoff for the house.

A hose from the pump house to the house…

And through the windows (towel&duct tape block the cold air…redneck fix), connected to the cold water supply in the laundry room. I’ll do a proper fix when it warms up in a couple of days.

Now the list of stuff you can buy on Amazon and send to your boring friends:

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