Friday, July 04, 2014

Making Some Croquet Hoops

I bought a croquet set at a yard sale that was complete but for 5 missing hoops.DSCF2620Measuring the length of some wire.DSCF2622 Using my Marvel #5 rod parter.DSCF2623 Lengths of wire.DSCF2629 Straightening it out, using the drill press vise as a bending aid.DSCF2630 Relatively straight.DSCF2631 I set up my Di-Acro bender.DSCF2632 I bending to the Sharpie marks.DSCF2633 One bend.DSCF2636 Two bends.DSCF2639 The originals had a hoopier form, but I prefer a square hoop. Ok, I don’t really care, it was just less labour intensive.DSCF2641 Trimming them to length.DSCF2645 Ready for a game of croquet.


Frankie Flood said...

Hi Nick,

Love the post! Do you have more info on the DiAcro bender. I have one, but I think I'm missing all the parts. I'm just not sure where all of the parts I have should go. Everything was loose in a box when I received it.

No worries though if you don't have any info. I can try to look it up. Just wasn't sure if you had easy access to any info on them.

Nick Carter said...

Hey Frankie,
There's a good .pdf that shows the accessories and exactly how to make about any bend imaginable...

And the manual:

It is an incredibly useful tool.

Frankie Flood said...

Thanks Nick. This is GREAT!!!