Friday, December 05, 2014

New Shop Building.

I’ve been remiss in posting pictures of our new shop building construction. It will allow us to move all of our work out of the house and gain us an extra room as well as reclaiming other bits of space. Construction by Pacific Timbercraft. Nathan of Pacific Timbercraft just bought the house across the road from us, so it’s a pretty easy commute for him. The shop will be 24’ x 36’. We wanted something enjoyable to work in with windows and well insulated for comfort. We broke ground on October 9th… My reaction to the first bills.shop9801 Framing…henry1stdremel To give an idea of the timeline, here’s Henry using a Dremel to carve a pumpkin the day before Halloween.shop1001 Trusses.shop1003 Bracing and such.shop11071401 Roof sheathing.DSC05442 Insulation for under the slab. We didn’t go with in floor radiant heat but this will prevent the slab from acting as a heat sink. Note the 2x6 walls.shopslab01 Concrete.over1 Paper up, roof shingled, overhang for the door.over2 Nathan really wishes he could timber frame everything.over3 Boards for the siding.henry12 Henry’s birthday last weekend.shoppp1 Interior wall splitting it up into two zones, one for relatively clean and one for relatively dirty.shoppp02 Siding on the west side.shop12051401Siding working its way around today. Probably another month of work but we’re getting there. It’s expensive but it was time to expand our space. The kids aren’t getting any smaller nor are we getting younger. I hope it will allow us to produce more jewelry with greater ease. 


Anonymous said...

The building looks great!I'm sorry you didn't include any images of insulation.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas.......

Felice Luftschein said...

More pics coming!