Thursday, November 19, 2015

Never Got Around To It, Pt. 2

More orphan pictures.

Yard sale chorus pedal, needed the battery snap repaired.ch1 ch2 ch3

Fixed this Petzl headlamp cord for a friend.petl1

fairyland figures 
Picked up this 80’s Yamaha MIDI sequencer. Some neanderthal had spilled liquid into the buttons so I cleaned them. qx53 qx52

bug3 img_thermal-504692187 wang
A “Baby 10” sequencer that is still sitting on the breadboard 6 months later…DSCF3378 DSCF3439 An audio breakout box. Useful for troubleshooting and synth experiments. Each column is connected.breakout01

This video shows the Baby 10 in action with my hacked Monotrons.

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