Monday, October 09, 2023

Repairing an Old Toika Loom Bobbin Winder

A friend messaged me that her new (to her) Toika Loom Bobbin Winder was seized up and wanted to know if I could fix it. I told her I probably could.

She managed to pack it so the spindle came out the side.

Nice design, some sort of pot metal case.

Toika Toijala Finland

The only thing holding it together was this snap ring  (aka Jesus clip, C-Clip, Circlip, etc.)

Out came some snap ring pliers.

I tapped it a few times with a soft hammer to see if the shaft would come out but it didn't. The roll pin up top slipped up though and allowed the spindle and pinion gear to come out, which was a win.

The shaft was completely seized.

So after trying various light hammerings, I resorted to trying the arbor press. I was very gentle - pot metal cases are notorious for fracturing in situations like this but with a little pressure the shaft assembly moved.

Notice full support along the sides of the case.

I had to raise it up with 1-2-3 blocks.

Finally free.

The shaft was pretty galled so I sanded it with some silicon carbide paper. until smooth. I think it had been used without adequate lubrication and the pot metal being dissimilar had bonded to the shaft metal. Makes me think it was aluminum.

That was all it took and it went back together. I very lightly greased the gears and used light oil on the shaft.

 Friend is delighted with it.

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