Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I like Potato Chips

I'm eating Kettle brand Salt and Pepper chips. I couldn't be more satisfied.
First, some pictures of the boys:

Hi Max!

Henry can fit into very small spaces. I should have him start training with David Blaine, or a ring of jewel thieves. I think I could mail him anywhere in a Priority Mail flat rate box.

Notice how white teeth are when you are young, and how dingy they are when you are old and decrepit.

Henry deploys his hair.

So, as I said I am eating Kettle brand Salt and Pepper chips. While I would have more black pepper taste, they are possibly the best chip flavour ever.

I almost had to serve jury on what promised to be a three day medical malpractice trial last tuesday but I was again cut from the team. I am beginning to think I am not the ideal juror in either the state's or the public's eye. I met a machinist (who is a friend of my friend Kent) who also was not selected and I went back to his shop to look at the work he is engaged in. He is lapping 2mm ruby spheres, after grinding 75% of them away, into little lenses. Fascinating, and taking place only a few miles from my house.

The previous saturday (Felice's birthday!) we went to a housewarming party, and that sunday we had an unbelieveably perfect and gut busting meal of Injera at our friend Yodit's house. The boys played with her boys and we ate, if I recall, at least 6 different dishes.

Last weekend was the annual used book sale given by the "Friends of the Library". I didn't buy that many books, probably only about 30 or so. I did buy a 2 volume mechanical engineering text, in swedish, that looks interesting. I say "looks" because I don't understand swedish. Other picks were a book on Piano tuning and repair, a Lao-english dictionary, and a book on electric furnaces.
Henry also bought a lot of books, guaranteeing that he will catch the dread disease of book acquisition.

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