Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Adrenaline Rush

I narrowly avoided an annoying fender bender today in the post office parking lot. I started to pull out and the woman in the space oppposite started to pull out. I was looking behind me, she was not. She kept coming towards our car which was just out of the space, so I slammed the car into drive and actually burned rubber (not just metaphorically, I was burning rubber!) back into my space. The woman didn't even notice and just pulled out of the parking lot.

Henry recreates the woman's abandon in pulling out.

Henry and Max, a calm microsecond...
We had Max's adoption papers notarized today at the bank. Only a few more hoops to jump through and unless we win the lottery we are done with this whole adoption michegas.

Henry was cleaning the bathroom mirror (which made more of a mess...), I went in to check on him and he was cleaning the electrical outlet with a wet rag. We do have GFCI, so it probably wasn't that dangerous, but I gave him a stern lecture on electricity...

I have been working on a little article for my webpage about 3D milling, here is a sneek preview:

3D model in Rhino, 1.125"x1.125"x.25"

Roughing pass on the CNC mill, coarse stepover.

Finishing pass, .002" stepover.

Finished wax.

Not much of a preview, that is pretty much the whole thing, but I'll flesh it out...

I need a Minisort. Ok, I probably don't need one, given what is probably an astronomical cost, but it would be handy...

Wooden Ship Modelling for Dummies (Mom, it's a Canadian site!)

This is the lake where I went to summer camp.

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