Thursday, March 23, 2006

March Non-madness.

March Sanity doesn't sound as good. Max has been sleeping in his crib for the past few days, with very little waking. Not that I'm not still exhausted, but at least I don't feel as close to collapse.

Henry sick, Max demented, Daddy tired.

Henry is one cool dude.

I finally finished my 3D milling article It was picked up by the Make blog which doubled my daily bandwidth useage for a few days. They love little projects like this, those crazy Make people.

Market starts the 1st of April and going by Henry's tantrum today when Felice slipped out for a checkup, I'm pretty much in for trouble.

Watched the first two episodes of the new Dr. Who, pretty well done with a bit of Hitchhiker/Brazil added to the classic style. I also watched "Chan is Missing", Wayne Wang's first(?) film, which was a great little detective/identity film.

I cleaned out a Thomas Train yesterday (see the Brio train cleaning also)

Housing opened up (make a triangular screwdriver to remove the two screws)

Disgusting hair wrapped up in gear train.

Motor removed, take care not to break the wires.

Notice the gear units can just be popped out for cleaning...I used a dental pick and tweezers to clean out all the hair and dirt. It now works fine.

Other than that, just work and children...

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Miss Cellania said...

Really really neat! I SAW that article, but I didn't know it was yours... MAKE is one of my favorite sources!

Henry is darling with that guitar.