Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fun and Food

I pump 60 psi into a 2 litre bottle filled halfway with water

I pull the trigger, you can just make out a column of water streaming down from the bottle as it flies into the sky.
Yes, water rockets! They went at least 60 feet up, and flew all over the property due to lack of fins and a strong wind. One is in the middle of a patch of poison oak, where I left it....Henry loved it, Max was a bit frightened.

Henry amused, Max confused.

Two in jammies, but I'm the most tired.

Our friend Yodit delivered several days worth of Injera and assorted dishes thereon, she is currently my favorite person in the world. She just called up and said "I'm bringing you some food"! The spicy hard boiled egg is my favorite!

This is a book you can buy me. His illustrations in The Circus of Dr. Lao were mindblowing when I read it in my childhood.

Shapeaholic's Workshop, all things shaper-ey.


Da Man said...

Love the pictures of the boys. Would it be OK for me to add your website to my blogroll?

Felice Luftschein said...

I'd be honoured!
I've pretty much followed your format of late, posting pictures of the boys when life makes it hard to write more extensively...

I should have a blogroll myself, shouldn't I? When I have time....

(BTW his blog is here: )