Saturday, May 13, 2006

I vist the 1970's and George's Derailleur

Last Sunday we visited Issac, Hannah and Kiko for Hannah's baby shower (she had us all bring compost). They live in a cob house (mud hut) way off in the hills. The oven on the right was busy baking pizzas.

To my jaded eyes it was just like a page out of the Whole Earth Catalog

Henry and Max, cute.

Henry and Max, serious.

I brought the camera over to Kent's open shop night. George brought his latest project, an aluminum and titanium hand crafted derailleur. The only parts he didn't make were the sprockets. All the screws and pins are titanium. He roughed it out with a mill and lathe and did the rest with files and a jewelers sawframe.

George is a retired machinist who works on all sorts of fun projects: an electric trike, a stirling engine that runs on ice, and a rifle are his latest. I should really go to his house and take some more pics...He knows how to make anything as far as I can tell. I basically channeled him when doing my dishwasher handle.

Notice the style...

The hex holes were broached with a sharpened allen wrench and the bench vise.
I should bring my camera every night.


Rob Tsou said...

Nice derailluer! (sp?) But did he make it on a Taig? ;)

That's a beaut!


Felice Luftschein said...

He used a 7x10 Harbor Freight Mill and Lathe, but probably 60% of the work was with files and a jeweler's saw.

When asked about how long it took him to make it he said "we don't talk about that"...

Anonymous said...

Truly a work of art. Stunning.