Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tool blogging

Well I thought I should do a little tool blogging....

This is the state my shop was in this morning before I started cleaning it up. This is after doing about 4 or 5 projects over the last week.

My new Sherline CNC lathe. I know I'm a bit of a traitor (as I should probably be promoting Taig machines) but it's the only CNC ready lathe on the market today. I have been learning a lot of new ways a CNC machine can commit suicide.

Inside the Xylotex controller I put together for the CNC lathe. I bought his "ready" kit which meant I only had to hook up the wires and mount the components in a box. Just setting up the box generated much of the mess you see in the first picture at the top.

A good yard sale find, a Dumore sensitive high speed drill press. For drilling small holes (small as in .032-.010" diameter) at high speeds. $30.00 was a good deal...

Kent and I went to an auction in Portland yesterday but the prices were high so this is all I bought. A Compac .0001" test indicator, 2 Doall 8" x 12" surface plates, and a fixture. One of the surface plates has some chipping on the surface but the other one is perfect. Flat to .0002". I have wanted a compac indicator for some time and was happy to buy this one for less than half of the new price. Still the economy must be good going by the prices that were being paid for the stuff at this auction.

On the way back we stopped off at Tool Shed out on Powell near the 205. Bought a .0001" thickness gage (tool on the right), a cased Lufkin/Starret backplunger indicator set (which needs some work but it was cheap) and a nice magnetic base with fine adjust. So I ended up with some more tools.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog, I saw your shop, I see you should sell Sherline too, though Taig is fine! ( opinion mine)

Felice Luftschein said...

I sell some Sherline items, and am seriously considering selling the CNC ready lathe after my experience with it.