Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Pictures By The Artist In Residence

Here's another round of pictures taken by Henry, with his comments and my translations where needed...

"It's Stanley, he's sitting down. "

"Max sitting down, too. I liked that prize." (translation: I liked his surprise)

"Mommy, she's putting garbage in the garbage can. "

"It's the clouds and the sheep." (translation: horses and cows)

"Kent, not working!"

"Different." (Henry was moving a bit fast)

"Kentses hook! Because it was great. "



Miss Cellania said...

Henry should have his own blog. I enjoyed the pictures, and even more his narration.

Da Man said...

Henry is brilliant! I also love the composition of his pictures. It's probably a bit early, but the next step is to put a video camera in his hands.

Felice Luftschein said...

We have our old video camera, but it's a trifle big for Henry still. But I have thought of it for the future...