Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographs

Henry was having a "bad day" (his words) on Friday so I decided to cheer him up by digging out our old digital camera and letting him loose upon the world. Here are the results, with his dictated captions after the fact (a good reminder that children give unreliable testimony in court):

"Max!!! Maxi-mouse was playing"

"He's playing!"

"Going home...go-ing... "

"Skeleton, he didn't do anything. "

"I wanted to print pictures, it is green soda, you can't eat it"

"A garbage can, I wanted to take a picture of it because I love it. "

"Daddy, he's doing some work. "

"Kitty cat, he's sitting! "

"Me! Happy."

Sometimes all it takes to cheer a kid up is to give him new and exciting capabilities. Henry now loves to take pictures and already can turn the camera on and off. He's working on not getting a finger in front of the lens. What I find most interesting is the physical perspective - this is Henry's world, about 3 feet off the ground. The pictures also tell us that he can see dirt we don't see.

Here are some links:
Dave Watkins's Live Steam Page

This Lego robot (PDF) report by a 9th grader who will probably be a millionaire when he grows up. I was blown away by it, it is better than most adult work.

An excellent video Mindstorms NXT tutorial.


COOP said...

Those photos are swell, the comments are even sweller. Give Henry his own photo blog!

Felice Luftschein said...

Do you want me to indenture him as an apprentice to you? He might have to wait a couple of years... Maybe get him a gallery show? "Coop says his work is swell"

Expect more pictures from Henry in the future - I should probably scan more of his other media artwork as well.

CGI and Photoshop will have to wait until he learns to read, at least well enough to run some of the software.

Felice Luftschein said...

Oh and Henry says of Coop:
"He's a better artist than me, He makes fat booby girl, I make good art, I'm an artist"

pancake and lulu said...

Incredible report--by a 9 year old????? Unbelievable. Legos are the coolest. I wish I had a recording of you saying that Legos were not a good toy--too rigid, I think you said. That was before you had kids.

Felice Luftschein said...

I think it was some article I read at the time, that said from an engineering standpoint the rectilinear nature of Legos stifled the creation of complex structures. Of course I have always loved Legos...I must have been in a contrarian state. I collected Legos for at least 10 years before adopting Henry...just in case.
But the Technic Legos avoid the criticism - they allow Erector set like creations with many angles, etc. The only downside is how expensive the cool sets are - $50.00 for a crane, $60 for a forklift, etc. The joy of tormenting the dog with a wandering robot is priceless.

It was a 9th grader I think, not a 9 year old. But still much better than the grunts I was making in 9th grade.

Anonymous said...

i love love love the pics and the comments. Ellie is just about the same age and I have been eyeing digital camers for her for Christmas. I think Fisher Price is coming out with a $20 model that is supposed to be indestructable (which will surely mean nothing to the daughter of the woman who broke at least one unbreakable flashlight every summer at camp, and just about anything else I could get my hands on). I really want to see wht she does with it, and all the more now that I see Henry's pics.

I love the last one... and the comment on the trash can. Man, they make no damned sense at this age, but they sure are fun!

Da Man said...

Henry's could work for AP or Reuters as a photographer AND a reporter! On second thought, he's too good for them!

Felice Luftschein said...

As long as he makes enough to support me in his old age, James. But I do think after the latest events, I would counsel him to stay away from those two. Then again they would probably benefit from his honest captions...

COOP said...

Hey, I'll take Henry on as an intern. He better learn how to make espresso first!