Friday, June 22, 2007

A Few Pictures by Henry and More by Me...

First off, 3 pictures by Henry with his captions:

"My Lego racecar and this guy fixing it. The pipe is sticking up."

"I don't want to write it in because I don't want to give it a name."

"I had to take a picture so people could see what it looks like. Choo-Choo at a station"

Now a few I took:

Max, controlling a red car.

Just cute...

Last Saturday, desperate for a project, I decided to make cottage cheese, or rather paneer, with Henry. It turned out well. This shows the loose curds being strained. We used the above cottage cheese recipe from Good Eats, but only a quarter of the amount, and then pressed it like paneer. It came out well and was enjoyed by all.

Gregg and Kent relaxing on a Thursday night.

Bill about to shoot, I took the picture in hopes of distracting him. He did miss the shot.

Clif grinding an end mill on the tool and cutter grinder.

Gregg made the nested cube project from the latest issue of Digital Machinist. The one on the right shows the cubes before separation.

And now a two more links:

Our HTML earrings showed up in a magazine in Hong Kong.

The Hummus Blog


Anonymous said...

I love Henry's photos, and he is really good at getting decent pics. He does better than a lot of adults I know.

Your earrings are not $160! You'l never sell any if the Hong Kong magazine has the price that wrong... though I suppose if you can sell just one pair for $160 it makes up for the loss of volume.

The nesting boxes are totally cool.

And finally, did you scroll down to the bottom of the page in the HK magazine? You are in... interesting company.

Felice Luftschein said...

That's Hong Kong Dollars...that article did lump us in with some interesting products...