Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Tax Dollars at Work

For the longest time I have been wanting an ergonomic, adjustable chair for my workspace. I never was able to rationalize spending $100-$800 for a real office chair, especially as the lower priced ones are really cheap knockoffs made overseas. Today we stopped off at the OSU surplus sale that they hold every week on campus and I was able to purchase an Office Master BC44(possibly made in the US, or at least engineered here) chair for the princely sum of $5.00, which seemed to be in almost perfect condition (dust aside). When I got it home I realized why they had sold it as surplus, it wouldn't hold any adjustment to the seat and back tilt. A quick perusal of the mechanism showed why:

Lever B loosens the spring tension that clamps together the steel leaves at C. The steel leaves are slotted and are constrained by that rod, allowing the seat to adjust. In my case the seat adjustment was not locking. Tightening nut A by about a half turn completely fixed the problem, allowing the seat to be adjusted when the lever is depressed, and locking when released.
So the University, rather than having a maintenance man adjust the mechanism, sold me a $120.00+ chair for $5.00

The chair in all it's awesome and functional glory. I'm sitting in it now as I type this...

And now, some links I've been saving up for you to peruse:

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Da Man said...

I just bought a used filing cabinet from a bankrupt photoshop for $20. I'm glad to see that I'm not alone when it comes to saving money!

Felice Luftschein said...

Yeah, unless you need something new to impress investors, there is more used office equipment out there than new. OSU also has filing cabinets out the wazoo (why they buy new ones is beyond me, the old ones are built like tanks) for between $10-$20, also CRT monitors for $10-$20, desks, etc. All our desks, finiling cabinets and office chairs are used.

If you need the filing cabinet to lock, then it's easy to get a locksmith to rekey (and luckily I know a locksmith that trades favors with me).