Saturday, July 21, 2007

Short and Sweet Toolblogging

Henry, Max and I went to an estate sale and the Habitat for Humanity thrift store today.

At the estate sale I bought:

12" Utica Tools combination wrench, rusty but it works, 75 cents
die stock, 35 cents
S-K 1/4" socket extension, 50 cents
Bausch and Lomb pliers, $1.00
ball head for camera, $1.00
weird dental bur chuck for a polishing lathe, 50 cents

(not a tool, but...)
Lamborghini model car kit, still shrinkwrapped, $3.50

At the Habitat for Humanity store I bought a good condition Jacobs 31BA 3/8" drill chuck for $2.00. This is one of the precision chucks, not the cheap ones they make nowadays.

We also got Rockem Sockem Robots at Goodwill. It's the old Marx produced one, but was missing one of the ring posts. Works well though. Henry and Max now beat each other up in the same style as the robots.

Felice reading Henry a book in the playhouse Aunt Betsy sent. Notice Max snoozing on the couch in the background...

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