Monday, July 30, 2007

At the Steam-Up

We made our annual pilgrammage to the Brooks Steam-Up yesterday. Don't worry, you can also go next weekend if you forgot about it this week.

Hijinks on the electric trolley.

The huge railway steam crane.

Some neat junk-art at the flea market.

A Stirling fan.

Henry hands our trolley tickets to the conductor.

Max is enjoying himself at the fire apparatus display.

Another year, another picture in front of the huge Caterpillar.

A lovely lathe of some sort.

In the suburbs, teenage girls hang out at the mall. In rural America they drive small locomotives.

Hanging out at the roundhouse.

Drinking and Driving

I'd write more, but am completely exhausted from the experience...

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Anonymous said...

Nick Sr and I were talking railroad talk last night. I wish all the people on the global warming express would show some interest in restoring the railroad. Put Greyhound out of business. Aunt A