Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Rare Visit

Our friend Philippe and his friend (now our friend) Jeff came by for a rare visit the other week. We had interesting conversations, went down to the Mary's river, made pesto, and allowed the children to torture entertain them. They encamped in our front yard for the night, which delighted Henry to no end.

This and the following four pictures are hilarious if you know Philippe. We were amazed at how restrained his cynicism has become in his old age.

Henry moves in for the attack. I always tell him to go for the eyes.



Philippe has a snack, Jeff and Max are troubled.

Max, serious

Max, exuberant

Henry, bored but sitting on the "Cars" fabric his grandmother June sent, Max is being quiet.

Now, some links I have been saving for you:
Odd Swiss-American music
A review of Chess, the game.
Lovely pre-built models on Ebay
Some pictures of my Braker Mill Leadscrew conversion

I really enjoy watching CCTV, especially Culture Express, Nature and Science, New Frontiers and Travelogue. Philippe was just in the Uighur area of China and said CCTV was the only thing on TV to watch in English.

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