Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lamest Candy Ever!

Looking over Henry's candy from Halloween, I discovered the lamest candy ever.

Candy Sticks? You mean poorly extruded cylinders of pure sugar? What connection do they have with Spiderman? Couldn't they have at least made an effort? At first I thought they were relabeled candy cigarettes, but they're even lamer than that. Did Stan Lee sign off on this?

They have a larger size (yes, I Googled it) that comes with a temporary tattoo, which is probably the reason anyone ever buys them, but this 2 pack doesn't even come with that.

I just hope they're contaminated with radioactive spider juice or something.


Anonymous said...

That looks totally disgusting! What we really want to know, however, is did you let your son eat them? LOL!


Rob Tsou said...

That is quite lame indeed! Maybe it's the last bit of webfluid that can't be shot from the webshooters. That would be Spiderman V1 when he didn't create his own webbing from his body.

Da Man said...

They look like deformed candy cigarettes, minus the red tip (resembling the burning end). That was a hot item in my days as a Halloweener.

o ring said...

They look like deformed candy cigarettes