Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuff Shed, Wimpy Truck

We need storage space. We should probably just throw out a bunch of the stuff we have but instead decided to buy a "Tuff Shed" as extra storage space. I could have built a shed for much less money, however I'm not much of a carpenter and it would have taken me weeks if not months to get one made. We tried to order one through the local Home Depot and failed as they couldn't process an order after a half an hour of trying. So I called "Tuff Shed" directly and ordered a 10' x 12' shed.

The two guys they sent out worked hard and paid attention to detail.

Max was inspired to a work as well.

The "finished" shed. The window is missing because I wanted to put in an insulated one. I'll be insulating the inside for condensation free storage (in theory).

It rained hard for about a half an hour, causing their truck to sink 8" into the ground. We spent a while (I helped them out) trying to jack it up onto traction increasing materials to no avail. The big problem was that their tires were almost completely bald.

So they called a tow truck - goodbye profit! Then again they probably make a chunk of money on the sheds.

It took almost an hour to drag the truck around to the road. As I said nice guys and they handled it well. One had moved down to Eugene from Alaska for the exciting life in a big city.

Now I have to finish the shed, it will probably be done by 2008.

I decided I've been too airgun obsessed here, so I put my latest up on my site instead:
Making a Replacement Breech Bolt Screw for a Crosman 150 CO2 Pistol

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

How has the insulation worked out for keeping the shed condensation free? Can you store personal belongings in cardboard boxes and have them stay dry and mold=free? Looks good.. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi- how did the insulating work out regarding keeping the shed dry? Can you store personal items in boxes without ruining?
Looks good.

Felice Luftschein said...

Well, 3 months later and I finally bought the insulation and drywall, but it's just sitting on the floor of the shed, so I'll posta comment in a few months when I finally get around to insulating. I think we may wire it for a light socket as a small light bulb will do wonders for keeping the temp just above the dew point.

llazyme said...

I had betterbuiltbarns put up a 10 x 12 barn style shed for us about 4? yrs ago now. My husband did the painting and I did the caulking. (every nail hole and every seam. no bugs or rain coming in!) I also painted the interior walls and floor to help seal it up. Mine has no window but does have 2 clear roof vents. I don't store clothing out there but any papers are stored in plastic bins with weather stripping around the inside rim for extra precaution. Everything is staying nice and dry. The unit is raised off the ground on blocks so good ventilation underneath and also has gutters. We're in western oregon a mile from the ocean. We used Benjamin Moore and it's holding up excellent- worth the extra cost. The shed has a loft that takes up 1/2 the length.