Friday, December 14, 2007


Apologies for not posting lately, we were all stricken with severe colds, as well our businesses are harsh masters at Christmastime. We hope to be less busy in a few days...but here are some pics.

Max started using the computer. I wish he could do my book keeping.

Well, it's a start.

"Noodle Sandwich!"

Mmmmm. Henry invented this treat.

I was recently reminded of one of my favorite children's books:
100 Pounds of Popcorn
Which is a great primer on sales and capitalism, even for adults!

Did I ever mention that you can still buy Hardtack?

Not PC, "Shooting: For Boys" It has a great chapter on convincing your parents to buy you a rifle.

I just bought this fly by night branded LCD TV at K-Mart. I feel better about shopping at K-Mart if I remember it's really S.S. Kresges


Rob Tsou said...

Great stuff. Our son just got "The Dangerous Book for Boys" which he loves. He is particularly interested in the "Making a Bow and Arrow" section and the "Girls" section. Bear in mind, he's only 5! 8D

Adrian Baird Ba Than said...

great minds think alike,I thought I invented the noodle sandwich...