Sunday, December 23, 2007

You'll Put Your Eye Out!

Just a few staged pictures for your Christmas.

My Little Sharpshooter

Is this how it works?

Deadeye Max.

Having brought Christmas Cheer to my Redneck friends, let me reassure those of you who may be ready to scream at me about gun safety that:
1) I know the internal workings of the Daisy BB gun, and removed the shot tube, determined that there were no BBs in the rifle (or anywhere that the children could lay hands on them), plugged the shot tube (barrel) so that nothing could escape the gun were it to be fired, and finally that Max is incapable at this point in his development of physically cocking the rifle in order to make it shoot.
2) Max was under my watchful eye at every instant of this photoshoot, and I do not let him wander around with a BB gun normally. This rifle is always locked up in a cabinet. He was reminded constantly not to aim the rifle at any persons or animals, the last picture was taken by holding the camera away from my body, so at no time was the rifle being aimed at my person.
3) This is a part of our embracing Korean culture, as Korea has a great tradition of using air powered weapons for hunting and shooting.
4) Were I to let Max fire a BB gun, he and I would be outside, with a suitable backstop, and both wearing safety glasses.
5) This is part of my clever plan to get one or both children into the 2016 Olympics.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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