Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home Alone

Felice and Henry went out to Long Island this week while Max and I stayed home.

Crafty dad made an "Oobi" puppet for Max.

I installed a new cat flap for our back door as the old one had disintegrated. I bought a Staywell "Big Cat Small Dog" flap. The installation drove me crazy. Here are the directions:

The top panels? What the heck are they trying to convey? The bottom are slightly more helpful yet I ended up completely reverse engineering it and understanding each component before finally getting it installed. It requires 4 hands, two of which I made up for with some duct tape.
Of course I found instructions with words later on the internet...With words the whole thing makes a lot more sense even if it's equally difficult to install. The Amazon reviews are not good...I guess I should have done some research.

A friend recommended this video, by Punks Not Dad, read the lyrics unless you like geezer-punk. Myself, I keep humming it...

There are several collections of Pingu on Netflix Instant that have been keeping Max happy lately.

Here are a bunch of paper crafts from Canon.

My dad told me about this great article, "A Mathematician's Lament", which led me to the parent site that has two good blogs, "Number a Day" and "Minute Math".

EDIT: A little late I found out my 2nd cousin in law's graphic novel hypertext project of James Joyce's Ulysses made the New Yorker book blog. Go check it out.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

although we mostly use the library for books, we have been ordering some good math books on this site:


the books are super cheap. the cover maybe slightly bent or maybe they are overstock books. their search engine is not great...it takes patience to look for a particular book...

Ben said...

Is that steam engine for sale?

I like it