Sunday, June 28, 2009


Just a collection of pictures taken over the past few days...

Kent bought this model steam engine at an estate sale.

I'm supposed to find out the maker. I have searched to no avail.

Kent needed one of these rolls of plastic sheeting cut in two. Gregg tried a sawzall.

Jim tried his chainsaw but it wouldn't start.

Bill achieved tiring success with a bow saw.

I hit a yard sale on Saturday and bought all of these tools for $20.00.

A tap and die set.

Greenlee and other brands of chassis, conduit or knockout punches.

A Stanley dowel jig, a Vise Grip chain wrench, parallel jaw pliers and a corner chisel.

The dowel jig was missing the drill bushings, but I have or can make those.

Some of the sockets and the socket wrench. All were made in the U.S.A. and most are SK brand.

That afternoon I took the boys to Sunset Park to walk around the swamp. We passed some juvenile nutria.

Cute, but sort of a cross between a rat and a beaver.


I told Henry they wouldn't make good pets.

As we walked through the field of lupine the sound was as if we were in a gigantic bowl of Rice Crispies and milk, as the pods exploded in the sun and scattered the seeds.

You can see how the empty pods, relieved of stress, curl around each other.


William Abernathy said...

Man! I have to go to Oregon for garage sales. All I ever find is old cutlery and devices whose purpose is the temporary capture of feces.

Nick Carter said...

Well it's been a while since I got deals like this at a sale. Just the knockout punches were worth it. Ever price one of those new?