Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July in Philomath

As is traditional, we went to the Philomath Classic Car Show on Saturday.

Ugly, but I love them.

Tin hat for an air cleaner cover.

"Rat Runner Rod"

Yes, a beer keg...

Felice and I want one of these.

BMW Isetta.

Sky (blue) Saxon.

I don't know what this is but I like it.

Henry takes a pic of a jeep.

Henry's kindergarten friend Tucker shows Henry his "Grampy" Steve's rod.

How cool is Philomath High?

I spotted this at a booth selling model cars. The Amazamatic. Need to buy one off of Ebay.

Henry and Max play in the UFO.


Anonymous said...

The car you couldn't id....a Nash Metropolitan. They are waaaay cool. I'll bet an Isetta 300 is a pricey little trinket. Definitely a pats problem for most folks, probably not for you.
Guy Z's car nut other half,
Donna (

John Bear Ross said...

Gotta love those rat rods. The beer keg held by the chains is the best.