Saturday, April 14, 2012

Backscratcher And Safecracking

Henry had to make an invention as a school project. He decided to make a Minecraft inspired backscratcher.

Henry sanding. Notice the safety footwear.
The finished product. He did 90% of the work although I helped him use the bandsaw.
In action.
I bought this locked fire safe for $2.00 (marked down from $3.00) at a yard sale today. Who knows what’s in it? The person giving the sale said she didn’t know. It weighs 45 lbs so it must be full of gold, pistols and diamonds with a few bearer bonds for good measure.
I tried to crack it by turning the dial and listening but couldn’t get anywhere.
2 minutes with prybars and it’s open.
Oh well. A single CD containing someone’s backup data from 2006 with instructions for burning a CD. This is why I don’t play the lottery.

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