Saturday, June 08, 2013

A Few Yard Sale Finds

I ran around Philomath this morning and bought a few things.
Apparently I collect vintage electronic test equipment now.
This radio is awesome. A Panasonic R-77 AM Calendar Radio.
I haven’t come across Little Blue Books before.
I’m also starting a new hobby, vintage restaurant chopstick collecting…
I’m kidding, I use chopsticks in the shop for all sorts of tasks. I always buy them when they’re cheap at yard sales.
DSC03246An Atlas 10” lathe steady rest, needs a few parts (easily made) and some rust abatement. I may actually put in on Ebay. I need to sell more of my treasures.

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Anonymous said...

Those Simpson Ohm meters are indestructible. That one is just like my fathers which he got in the 1960s. He was still using it daily when he retired in 2005. They use a wierd silver? mercury?battery that lasts for years and has a very stable voltage. Not sure if the batteries are still available or not. Now you need an Amprobe clamp on ampmeter to go with it (no batteries at all).