Sunday, August 04, 2013

BK Precision Dynascan Corporation 2806 Multimeter Repair.

I picked up this latest addition to my collection yesterday, a BK Precision Dynascan Corporation 2806 multimeter. It did not function. Neither the display nor the continuity beep. There is nothing about this particular model on the internet, I found one picture from Ebay and that was it.

The batteries were good (swapped them out anyway) and the fuse was good.

So I opened it up. At some point it had solvent of some sort spilled on it(?) or it was glued shut so prying took a bit of effort and was slightly destructive.

One side. Notice the input jacks are on their own PCB. Spoiler – you can see the problem in this picture, but it isn’t obvious.

The other side. The big input fuse was ok as well.

The switch solder points were corroded so I cleaned them up. I also doused the all the various switches contacts in contact cleaner.

Success? Sort of but no. It comes on but no matter what setting the large switch is set to, it only functions as a voltmeter. Hmmm…

I spied this little ding on the PCB. The trace is broken.

A quick and dirty repair (scrape the solder mask off and solder on a strand of copper wire)…

Each setting now works.

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Darren Walker said...

Great job ! I love this multimeter.