Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cleaning Out Some Folders

Bit busy of late, besides Chaunukkah/Thanksgiving and Henry’s birthday, we had the unusual cold snap before Christmas (snowpocalypse) with sustained temperatures well below freezing, snow and cancelled school. Then of course the holiday and all that it entails. And of course our jewelry sales which kept us hopping in the month leading up. But I found time for fun of sorts as well. Here are random pictures in rough order. I’ve been working on a few projects but nothing is really done.
I picked up this Itron frequency counter – timer at the OSU sale. It was silly cheap and has nixie tubes. I can’t find a manual or much else about it online.
An HP 100LX Palmtop computer. Another thrift store score.
Henry had a Minecraft party for his birthday.
Another OSU surplus sale find, a Hitachi 20Mhz oscilloscope for $10.00!
Henry had been playing with Snapcircuitsand I showed him how to probe the circuits with the oscilloscope. This is a good loaner scope. I have a long story about my Rigol scope needing warranty service that will get posted later.
During the snowpocalypse I went slightly crazy. Suffice to say this is my analysis of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate.
Then there was the free pickup truck load of Atari computers, disks and such. This is going to take a while to sort out.
My shop got a little messy.
Presents from the kids.
I bought myself an Aoyue smoke absorber for soldering. It was cheap and it seems to work fine.
I also splurged and bought a Hakko 808 desoldering gun. It’s pretty spiffy.
The solder collects in the tube.
A pile of components salvaged during testing.
Solder pile.
Apparently I collect staplers now.
I don’t know why I bought this.
Happy New Year!


tma said...

I hope we visitors get to find out what happens when one has a "free pickup truck load of Atari computers"... The idea seems wonderful somehow, probably because I don't have to find space to keep them.

Felice Luftschein said...

A large part was finding a few other suckers, I mean enthusiasts, to take about 2/3rds of them. I really only wanted one of each. Hopefully most of it is going to people that will do a better job curating.