Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A New Cord For An Old Saw, Using A New Tool

DSCF2295We bought this Dewalt miter saw back in the mid 90’s and it’s worked quite well all these years. I don’t use it a lot though and when I went to use it I noticed that the cord was a bit decayed.DSCF2290 See the green? That’s Oregon for you. Store something in an open carport and nature tries its best to reclaim it.DSC04306 DSC04307 As you can see the cord insulation is decaying. DSC04299 It was relatively simple to open up the handle to access the cord connections. Three different sizes of Torx screws, which irritated me.DSC04309 The new cord, found it in a box of crap I bought at that estate sale…DSCF2286DSCF2285 DSCF2284 Along with this Ideal cable stripper which I had no idea what it was until I Googled it.DSC04314 DSC04315 Of course I took it apart to see what made it tick.DSC04316 It sort of scribes around the jacket and the vee holds the cord against the blade with spring pressure. This is less finicky than using a knife or shears as it can result in you nicking the wires’ insulation or even cutting all the way through, which is bad.DSC04317 I thought this was all it did, but it will also apparently split the jacket if you pull it axially along the cord. I guess I should have read the instructions. (.pdf)DSC04318A couple of lugs were crimped and the saw is as good, and safe, as new.


Anonymous said...

The pdf link is "forbidden".

Felice Luftschein said...

Thanks for letting me know, fixed the link.