Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Reechet Ratchet

The battery in one of our cars was dead so I grabbed the correct socket & ratchet to remove it for charging. When I returned them to the toolbox It occurred to me that people might like to see a few pictures of my 1/4” driver collection. DSCF2360DSCF2361 I love these driver handles as you can snap a ratchet into the end.DSCF2363 I have a weakness for tiny ratchet drivers. Tiny wrenches too, but that’s a post for another time.DSCF2364 The largest 1/4” driver is one I rarely use. I have no idea where I bought it. It’s unconventional as it isn’t a ratchet, but is more of a 90 degree drive. Rotating the handle turns the driver. On mine it was really rough so I decided to disassemble it for repair/cleaning.DSCF2365 DSCF2366 Here’s the patent.DSCF2368 It can be used as a drive adapter as well.DSCF2370 DSCF2371 DSCF2375 The handle is threaded into the body and the lock nut, uh, locks it in place. It also sets the backlash for the gear and pinion. The lock nut was on too tight and I had to use the vise-grip chain wrenches. You can see that one slipped and wiped out the knurling in a short section. DSCF2377 DSCF2381 Pressing out the guts.DSCF2383 DSCF2385 The problem isn’t anything more than dried up old grease. It was easy to clean off with some oil, a steel brush and a dental pick. DSCF2389 Cleaned parts look almost new.DSCF2392Lubricated and reassembled.

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You post a picture of your model steam engine back in 2009. I can tell you more about it. Is there a way to contact you?