Thursday, February 18, 2016

Yamaha RY20 Drum Machine

Bought this on Ebay for $20 as it was not functioning.

And it wasn’t

But when I turned it on I noticed that the display did change subtly.

So I took it completely apart and couldn’t find anything wrong. Then I decided to be smart and googled it…turns out in some modes it gets stuck and needs a factory reset (-1 and +1 keys held down when powering up).
It sprang to life but did display a low battery message…

So I did the same thing as on the Korg DS8, soldered in a PC battery holder.


Anonymous said...

Hello Nick
Just wanted to say thanks for posting up the factory reset tip, I bought an RY20 at a local auction (probably paid a bit over the top @ $40!) and found it didn't work. Did as you did and took it apart but found nothing wrong, then I googled and found your post and hey presto it sprang into life!! I've also got a low battery message so if I keep it I'll also solder a battery holder in place.

Many thanks again


Felice Luftschein said...

Cool! Glad I could help.