Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hydraulic Die Forming

It was time again for me to be chained to the hydraulic press so I could mass produce some earrings, using the technique of Hydraulic Die Forming.

My hydraulic press. 1" thick steel plates, 1" dia. rods held with 5/8" bolts. Hi-tech vise grip platen stop. 20 ton Harbor Freigh bottle jack.

Our oval daisy die. Felice hand carved it and I milled the channels to hold the blank.

The blank placed in the die.

A piece of 1/8" thick 80 durometer rubber placed on top.


The back of the piece after squishing.

A pile of daisy earrings. I then had to punch the holes and put them in the tumbler. I made about 50 assorted pairs while listening to two CD's I bought with my Amazon referral money, The No Comprendo and Cool Frenesie by Les Rita Mitsuko. I don't buy a lot of CDs, so I rarely get to listen to anything but Sirius radio. That really has nothing to do with making earrings, but allows me a gratuitous Amazon link, plus I really love the music.

Once they are out of the tumbler (filled with stainless mixed shot), then into another tumbler filled with walnut shell and rouge, then they get earwires (or are made into pendants) and a listing in our Etsy shop's stamping section. Tumbler is an antique word, as both are vibratory mass finishers...

This is the bible of Hydraulic Die Forming.

Here is the Hydraulic Die Forming Forum.


Cynthia von der Schmuckburg said...

Hello! And many greetings from Germany.
I plan to get a hydraulic press.
Now I've seen your die. Is this made of steel? Or in a picture, it looks like aluminum?
Thanks for an helpful answer!

Nick Carter said...

I have made dies from steel and aluminum, this one is steel but aluminum works ok but wears out faster.

Cynthia von der Schmuckburg said...

Then I can make some experience in Alu, that is great.