Friday, April 27, 2007

Machining a Stainless Steel Ring

I machined a stainless steel ring today. I want to make some more interesting designs on the lathe but figured it would be a good idea to see how much work was involved in just making a simple band out of stainless steel. It took about an hour from start to finish. I probably will use my South Bend lathe to do production in the future, as it can take heavier cuts, but figured this little photo essay would also be good for my Taig Lathe pages. So I did the first one on the Taig, and now I'll have something to add the next time I update the pages.

Indicating a chunk of scrap 316 stainless 1" rod true in the 4 jaw chuck, on the Taig lathe.

Facing the rod.

Blurry drilling of a pilot hole for the boring bar.

Boring the inside diameter to a large ring size, 10-1/4, or .786"

Turning the outside diameter to clean up the surface.

Filing to get a nice finish. 316 isn't that bad to machine, but filing can't hurt.

The ring, parted off the rod.

Held in soft jaws to debur and smooth the face and the transitions between the OD, ID and face.

The finished ring. Now let's see if anyone on Etsy needs a size 10-1/4 stainless steel ring.

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