Saturday, February 09, 2008

This and That

My dad emailed me this picture taken in October 1944

(L to R) Lewis, Lawrence, Muriel, Laney, Rev. John Franklin Carter, Michael, Alice and Nick

and their relevance to me:
(L to R) My Great Uncle Lew, Great Uncle Larry, Grandmother "Nona", Cousin Laney, Great Grandfather John Franklin, Uncle Mike, Aunt Alice and my Dad

My dad has great ears.

I bought Henry a "new" computer at the OSU sale, a CTL desktop P4, 3 Ghz, Win XP with a 19" CRT, for $165.00. It was unused, which again reminds me that not all my tax dollars are actually at work. Often they are just wasted.

This meant that stuff had to be moved out of the way in the computer/dining room. So I moved all of the Lapidary Journals into the bedroom. I need to sell them to someone who needs an entire bookcase full of magazines. I just don't refer to them any more, having extracted the knowledge I needed. That's 13-1/2 feet of magazines. (Any takers? I'm open to offers from anyone who will pick them up!)

Henry and Max each have their own computer now. The sound that dueling Wiggles Youtube videos makes is incredible. Cat 5 cable is everywhere. But now we can all surf the internet together.

I spent some time watching episodes of "Earth 2" on Netflix "Instant Watching" last week. Not a bad, if somewhat cheesy, series. What struck me is how similar the story is to "Lost" I googled around and it turns out I'm not the first person or even the second to notice the connection. I probably watch too much Sci-Fi.

I also fixed our refrigerator problem. The freezer door was popping open when the main door closed. This is actually good, as it means the seals are working. The fix is to tilt the fridge back by about 1/2 a bubble on the level (adjust the feet) and oil the door hinges.

Historical Globes of the Red Planet

Prof. Alexander Slocum's Fundamentals of Design is now online for free.

noformdesign bought some Taig parts from me, didn't realize at the time that he was also on Etsy. He makes awesome industrial jewelry. His DeviantArt page has even more cool stuff.

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Anonymous said...

ooh! Our fridge does that too. While I know it is good, it can also mean defrosted everything if you don't hit the freezer door hard enough after the pop. I may apply your fix... one of these years.