Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Awesome Button

Henry noticed a Staples Easy Button while we were perusing the wares at Goodwill last week. He immediately remembered the Make: Online “"Awesome Button” project and told me we should buy the button.

When we returned from our shopping trip I fired up the internet and reviewed the video. Apparently I needed a Teensy USB development board. So I ordered two, one with pins for breadboard prototyping and one for the Awesome Button. Honestly I’m itching to order a couple more now that I know how AWESOME they are.

The Teensies (Teensys? Teesii?) arrived and I collected the rest of the needed items from my hoardings and downloaded the needed software from the Teensy and Arduino sites.

Henry disassembles the Easy Button.


The button is exposed.


Testing the button with an old Radio Shack 300 in 1 project kit (bought years ago at a yard sale and hoarded for just such a use).


Henry’s new favorite tool, my Ideal wire stripper. He also learned that horseplay and soldering irons don’t mix. It was some good father-son time and I didn’t take any process pictures because we were having too much fun (and trying to keep him from burning himself again on the soldering iron.) I do need a better soldering iron and soldering station, a small gauge wire stripper and I could stand to buy some more fun electronic components. I’m almost as new to electronics as Henry so it’s nice that we can learn together.




It’s Awesome.


Still making him smile.


Anonymous said...


As you can see I probably need to make an "Awesome Button".

Anonymous said...

That was easy!