Monday, June 05, 2006

Joys of Parenthood

Well, this week has been filled with vomiting, itching, crying and a smattering of fun... Felice, Henry and Max all came down with some sort of unpleasant virus, Max is still suffering while Felice and Henry have recovered. We took Max to the doctor today about his seemingly itchy rash and as we predicted the doctor suggested time, benadryl and calamine... Otherwise the kids are fine...

This will be Henry's future, making jewelry (if he majors in liberal arts as Felice and I did...). Every child needs a small anvil and hammer.

Max still has not learned that throwing sand, in this case wet sand, is not a good idea.

Henry drives a load of grass clippings.

We just keep Henry working, his wheelbarrow filled.

Max hanging out and having a snack.

Still not clear about the proper use of a toy telephone, but getting closer.

On Saturday, after I had woken at an extremely early hour to console Max, Henry suggested we got to Goodwill. I love going to thrift stores so we went. I proved that I am not insane by not buying the 4' high scale model trebuchet. I probably should have bought it, it haunts me now. Instead we bought a Thomas domino game, some chinese jigsaw puzzles (words in english and chinese) and a Microsoft EasyBall. Henry loves computer peripherals, last night he had two mice, the Easyball and a webcam plugged into his PC. Henry loves his jigsaw puzzles as well, although he often asks for help, just as often he does them alone.

Felice sold one of her hanging bottles on Etsy and is feeling validated.

I picked up a old copy of Literary Digest at the local thrift store, quite an interesting story about the magazine...

Harprit Singh Sandhu's Model Engineering website.

Illustrations and Definitions of Tap Terms


Anonymous said...

how you could pass up the trebuchet I cannot imagine. Go back! See if it is still there! I think even i would have been tempted by that, if only to make DH truly happy. I only know what a trebuchet is because of dating such a long series of geeks in my life... still, passing one up seems a mistake of significant proportions.

I bet Henry woul dbe up for a return trip.

The boys are looking adorable as usual. Keep Henry working or he'll get into real trouble.

Da Man said...
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Felice Luftschein said...

Liz: I know, I should have bought it, but I will make my own for the boys to damage things with later on.

James: Just because my boys make huge messes doesn't mean yours will...then again they are boys...You think Algore ever went into a Goodwill, or even knows what a thrift store is? Reuse is always preferable to making a new matter how energy efficient.