Sunday, June 04, 2006

Some of Steve the Locksmith's Shop Tools.

I went over to my neighbor Steve's shop last Sunday to look at some motion control components he had for sale. While I was there I snapped some pics of his modified/salvaged tools.

He welded up a number of these hammer racks to hold the vaiety of hammers, garden tools, etc. that he has.

He mounted a portable band saw on a salvaged chop saw frame.

A drill press made from a scavenged head, a non matching column and a bunch of scrap.

Notice the auto jack for raising and lowering the table of the drill press. He tends to use clamps while he ruminates on how best to finally finish an item...

He made his own micro adjustable table saw fence.
The white knob locks the frame, the red lever in the middle locks the fence and the red knob on the right fine adjusts the fence position relative to the frame of the fence.

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