Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer is here, send ice.

Some of the latest cute pictures.

Max enjoys his hummus.

Henry relaxing and reading a Thomas catalog.

Max contemplates the plastic friend chicken drumstick

Henry paints his 1st model airplane. I put it together (superglue and 3 year olds don't mix) but he was very patient and watched carefully. He painted it blue.

Henry works! He helped Felice put earrings on cards so she could take them to a local gallery. He did an incredible job, pushing the ear wire end through a tiny hole in the card.

What can I say, the kids are good, it is very hot (it was 100+ on Monday) and summer is here...

Crosley Icyball

Horn & Whistle Magazine

Machine Shop Instructional Videos

"An American Cruiser in the East" from this site:
Korean Traditional Archery

DraftIt free CAD software

Peter and Victoria's Waiting for the baby blog

Wipe your hard drive


pancake and lulu said...

Finally!---I become interested in your blog and you have nothing new for days. Cute pictures. Especially great that you put Henry to work. I tried to get the kids to help me spin and it worked for a few days. Things are degenerating now--I had a stuffed cat on each of my feet and a rubber goat kept head-butting the wheel as I spun today. It was quite a workout. The weather sounds hellish there--been raining constantly here for a week--we live in Waterworld. This is weird--Henry and Spencer sort of look alike. In one of the pictures you sent of him recently Chris said Henry had one of your exact expressions.

Felice Luftschein said...

Hey, cut me some slack, I'm amazed if I can post once a week...
It's a little hot today...but we have AC.

Henry is playing with legos in the jewelry shop while Felice makes stuff, we'll see how that works out...