Friday, June 23, 2006

Push Me, Pull You.

Well another week or so has passed....

Henry and Max play together well now.

Judging by the drool stain on Max's shirt, I would hazard a guess that he may not...
The shirts were a gift from an old high school chum of Felice's, who sells children's wear.

Every child should have at least one emotional scar from a teddy bear.

Max offers a green apple to Shel Silverstein.

A few weeks ago Henry rode a horse.

My little equestrian.

Not much to report, Henry is taking swimming lessons and enjoying them. Max can now walk. I guess that's something to report.

I was feeling a bit vague last week, one of the joys of self employment, but had an old lathe customer hire me to do some Rhino modelling work for him. This is my first paying job as a draftsman (or the 21st century equivalent) so it swelled my ego up into a right bit of puffery. It is the sort of thing I hope to do for money more often. Unfortunately the work is top secret so I can't divulge anything here.

I did pick up a terrible virus/trojan/spyware somehow (I am very careful, but Norton, etc did not save me from it) which was killing my computer, but this piece of software completely destroyed it.

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(I use the "Gage" myself...)

This is becoming more and more important.


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Anonymous said...

i think this "vague" report and relating it to your employment is a thin disguise for the immense and disorganizing grief left in the wake of my departure for duluth.