Friday, June 27, 2008

Cleaning the Old Magneto Housing

Chris, our neighbor, brought over a magneto housing for me to clean up on the lathe.

The old, ugly housing.

Taking off about .005"

Nice and shiny.

Ha, I snuck in a picture of Chris.

The company I did all the 3D modelling work for has finally put up a page of Keith's and my work on a tactile braille display. I'm especially proud of my "penmech" animation.

I think the future of tactile display is something more like this though.

Kiko's Mom told me about these excellent science toy pages. Lots of ways to edu-tain your kids.

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michele said...

Found the information about the tactile display fascinating. Thankyou. I am a long term librarian currently undertaking a Masters in Information Architecture, and a relative newby to the area of human computer interaction so appreciate being exposed to all that is new in this area.