Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Preschool Graduation

Henry and Max go to a wonderful preschool run by Philomath High School as a class in "Advanced Child Development", called Little Warriors. Thank goodness they didn't change the high school team name to "The Cadets" (There's a bit about the controversy in the interesting film "Clear Cut"), because "Little Cadets" just sounds wrong.
But I digress.
The school has one high school student per child supervised by the wonderful Mrs. Melonuk, is inexpensive and Henry and Max enjoy it tremendously.

Singing at the ceremony. Henry is 2nd from the left and Max is at far right.
You can even "enjoy" a low res video that captures the experience...

Henry bashes the pinata. This is the 2nd pinata Henry has pummelled this week.

Max enjoys some juice and cake. He's wearing his "olympic" medals for shot put and balance beam. Henry won (although it's shared by three kids in all cases) for short run and something else he doesn't remember.

Henry starts kindergarden next fall and Max will continue as a Little Warrior.

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