Friday, June 06, 2008

Open Shop Night Fun

Most Thursdays I hang out at Kent's open shop night. Some weeks we just sit around BS-ing, but this time Bill had a project.

Heating up some rototiller tines.

Hammering them flat

And checking for truth.

Tempering in oil. Kent opened a virgin can of quenching oil.

This is Kent's welding/blacksmithing shop, or a corner at least.

Greg and Kent discuss.

Greg tells Carey how to straighten out a clamp for his motorcycle.

What is it?

One of a pair of static balancing edges that Steve made. They were clamped to his mill table (which was level) and the shaft rested on the knife edges. He made them from planer blades.

He used it to balance some belt sander rolls. A few months ago Steve would have been wearing glasses, but he recently had synthetic lenses put in...very cool.

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