Monday, June 23, 2008

Day of the Triffids

Well another week has gone by...

Henry and Max playing in the dining room.

The daisies have taken over.

Poking up all over.

Like in the "Day of the Triffids" they may be plotting something more sinister.

I mentioned our friend Nome two posts ago, I forgot to mention her fascinating father.

I'm reading Isaac Newton: The Last Sorcerer and mentioned in the book is the 4 volume set of "The Mysteries of Nature and Art" as inspiring the young Issac Newton. It seemed interesting enough that I looked around to see if I could buy a reprint. Sad to say, only the original is available... $19320.18
Anyway, the biography is well worth reading, if a tad repetitious.

I joined the Project Dalek Forums to gain access to their .pdf Dalek plans, should I ever have a few hours to waste on 3D modelling. Which I likely won't. But I'd like to make a Rhino model of a Dalek.

Here's a good guide to machining polyurethane.

This is a great way to fixture ring waxes for CNC milling.

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