Friday, May 06, 2005


Ebay kicks ass! I listed two tools today and one sold within 47 minutes and the other after only 4 hours of being listed. Of course this means that I should have set the "Buy it Now" price higher, but that's no guarantee that you'll sell it at a higher price. As it was I made a goodly profit and decreased the pile of stuff I have to list.

Sidenote: It is really hard to type when Henry is screaming "Thomassss!!!!!" at the top of his phleghmy lungs.

I also received the first order for my new 40-50-60 hole index plates which is encouraging. They are a testament to the potential of my little Taig CNC milling machine. The machine can drill the 153 holes, mill out the center hole and trepan the disc from a piece of plate in about 20 minutes, while I sit and drink coffee.

Notice how much more frequently I'm posting?

One last thought, Is it my own paranoia, or is it almost impossible to buy a sack of potatoes that is less than 50% green? They make the plastic either brown or red coloured so that you can't tell what state the potatoes are in. I try and peer into the 1/4" airholes, rubbing the sack to move the potatoes all around in a pathetic attempt to determine whether they have the deadly alkaloids. Unfortunately there is no solanine tester that a shopper can scan the potatoes with. I guess the thing to do is see it as an extreme sport.

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