Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm Not That Tired, Mom!

My loving mother complains whenever I say that I'm tired on my blog. I'm glad to report that I am currently wide awake, full of coffee and cookies.

Here is an uplifting story about one curmudgeon's day teaching some valuable lessons to a neighbor's kid. It made Felice cry.

I am almost done with Phyllis Diller's autobiography, it is a fantastic story and history lesson. I now need to find Bob Hope's autobiography. I saw Bobe Hope deal with lefty hecklers at the big Earthquake benefit in San Francisco, I am pretty sure that he flipped the audience the bird at one point. He made a bunch of golf jokes and a reference to his friend Ronald Reagan that didn't go over that well... I'm glad I had a chance to see him once.

Do you have any questions about aseptic packaging? I never realized that "tetra-pak" referred to the tetrahedral shape of the first aseptic packages. when you have a kid you learn all about juice boxes. Why do children prefer juice in boxes?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay, Nick, I AM your loving mother --
so I won't comment on the tired thing.
About kids and juice boxes, they prefer boxes to getting juice from the cow. Love, your loving (anonymous) mother.