Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I'm a professional writer now, I received my first check for an article I wrote in the Home Shop Machinist. Can my ego get any bigger? I finally finished the gear article, I'll let it sit a day, reread it to make sure I'm not insane and submit it. I have about 5 articles waiting for publication.
Writing is easier money than making jewelry or digging ditches, but as with all the jobs I do it won't pay the bills all on its lonesome.

The weather is lovely today, Henry is not sick anymore. I spent the day updating my web pages.

Here is a spam-ku:
Pre-Open Stock to Watch
New to the Stock Game
Unbelievable Investors Alert

And another:
You Have Been Sent an Invitation
Hamsters are Running for their Lives
Don't Sell Your Blood

(each line from the subject headers of spam I received today)

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