Sunday, May 08, 2005


Yesterday I at a piece of pineapple and got a little fiber wedged in between two teeth. It felt like someone was prying apart my skull.

I was reading an ad for industrial robots yesterday, did you know that Fanuc has over 140,000 robots working worldwide?

Today is mothers day and I didn't call my mom. Sorry. In all fairness I have to deal with the mommy here, although again I didn't do much besides make lunch. My mom sent Felice a balloon bouquet, but Henry has made it his own special friend/tormentor.

I bought Henry a powered Brio locomotive but all he does is leave it running against an immovable object. It is imperative to have rechargeable batteries when you have a child.

I bought some new CAD software, just waiting for it to be delivered. It looks to be very versatile. Of course there will be a learning curve of a month to a year, and I'll probably have to get some new CAM software to take advantage of the features. But I need to learn, and keep learning, or perish.

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