Sunday, May 15, 2005

mundane or boring?

I am not sure whether today falls under the heading of "mundane" or "boring". Henry did not sleep well last night, his head cold kept him awake until we finally dosed him up with some tylenol. Giving a screaming child tylenol guarantees a visual similar to a volcano as the pink liquid is expelled from around his mouth. Luckily we got enough in him to quell whatever pain was causing him suffering and he fell asleep. Poor guy is dripping his weight in mucus every day.

I spent a couple of hours drafting an involute gear in Autosketch. I was somewhat stymied as I was following directions for drafting with paper and pencil, and CAD programs do not have some of the same methods. It was impossible to draw a line tangent to a curve without knowing the endpoint, luckily I remembered that a line tangent to a circle is perpendicular to a line drawn from the periphery of a circle to its center. For some reason the involute curve I drew was a little off, I'll have to do some more research.

Henry says that an orange section is like a "ju-box" (juice box), and Felice has just explained to him that it is "nature juice".

I took apart the bedroom VCR as it seems to be mutilating tapes. Once taken apart so I could run it and observe its actions it has failed to mutilate any tapes. I suspect the culprit is not the VCR but the tapes which stretch over time and suffer some rough handling from Henry. We'll see.

Now was that boring or mundane?


Anonymous said...

boring is a state of mind. isn't there something interesting in almost anything? or is that pollyannish? (a healthy state of denial).

mundane is a step more complex and subtle. it slips into the existential realm slightly. it can suggest a challenge, an escape to rapture somehow.

Felice Luftschein said...

That comment was both mundane and boring.

you are a pollyanna, and not just when you dress up in gingham.

Anonymous said...

uh-huh. who am i to stray from the general theme of this blog?