Thursday, May 05, 2005


Felice made the 98 photocopies we needed for the various adoption paperwork demons. I ran herd on Henry at Staples while she was doing it, showing him all the miraculous items available. The one product that amazed me was the Microsoft fingerprint scanner which I didn't realize was on the market at all. It does not gauge whether the finger has been severed from the owner's hand, so I don't think I'll be using one for my sensitive documents.

If I am ever in Alberta I think I'll stop by the Canadian Museum of Making which looks quite interesting. The name is a bit odd though, "Museum of Making", when some other word would probably suffice. Are there other museum names that end in "-ing"? It's not like we have a "museum of arting" or "museum of sciencing". A quick Google search finds a "museum of fishing and smuggling", so I guess there are. I wonder about stupid things.

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Anandi said...

I know this is totally random, I found your blog on an etsy forum post and was intrigued because I bought the very cute Angstrom earrings from you a few weeks ago.

Two of my friends from college started the company that makes the fingerprint reader for Microsoft. Small world, I guess :)